Himev is a worldwide company specializing in designing and developing PTO-Driven Forestry Mulchers for vegetation control attachments.

For over 18 years, HIMEV’s effort has focused on vegetation control management with PTO-Driven Forestry Mulchers heads technology. We work daily to bring the best combination of reliable and performing equipment and excellent technical support service and parts.

Himev mulchers are performant and one of the most economical forestry mulcher attachments for Ag Tractors from 40 to 300 hp, thanks to its design technology. Those mulcher heads can perform under severe vegetation conditions and temperatures.


High Performance for Agricultural & Forestry

HP (Heavy)

A robust PTO mulcher for medium-heavy applications, mulches vegetation up to 10 in (25 cm). For tractors from 85 to 250 HP and 3-point hitch CAT II. The HP mulcher-heads are used in rear-mount and also as front-mount mode (HPF).

Light Line for tractors from 55 to 110 HP

HL (Light)

The Light Line Ecotritus is designed to meet the demand of those with available medium and low power tractors from 55 to 110 HP, allowing to work on areas with less dense vegetation and work on terrains with slopes, mulches vegetation up to 6 in (15 cm).

Versatility and Speed for light work

STR (Light)

The HIMEV STR line is PTO mulcher head was developed with the innovative cutting system through high resistance and durability blades to mulch vegetation up to 4 in (10cm). For tractors from 40 to 120 HP.

Your next Stumps and Roots Killer

ST (Stumps)

Himev Ecotritus ST is the best solution to clean your property. ST can mulch stumps and roots up to 10 inches (25cm) below the ground and up to 12 in. (30cm) in vegetation diameter.



HIMEV Mulchers, high-efficiency and low-cost maintenance solutions from Heavy to Light jobs.

Himev offers the right mulcher for your job. From vegetation management, agriculture, stump and roots removal, land reclamation, maintenance of your farm, fields, orchards, citrus, and vineyards. With low cost and easy maintenance, we have various mulchers solutions to make your job done.


Vegetation Management

Land Clearing


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